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Our Vision

  • Wrapped in the learning ethos of this great nation is VIMARSHA (discussion)the cornerstone of this civilization. This deeply ingrained psyche continues toguide us from universities to parliament, and more importantly, how issues are looked upon and understood by individuals in societies.
  • VIMARSHA IAS through its classroom programs guides you through all the three stages of UPSC – CSE that is conducted to test your critical thinking, lateral thinking, applied knowledge, and problem-solving abilities. Our Integrated Approach blended with Unique Teaching Methodology shapes your mental faculties to discover your inner self and have the confidence to crack open this exam, now and forever.
  • Putting students at the centre of learning, we usher UPSC-CSE aspirants on this life mission by generating a Feedback Loop customized to the learning pace and difficulty points of an individual. This ensures that the factors determining the UPSC-CSE are taken care of. So the developmental level of learners, the subject matter at hand, the attitude are in sync with the nation’s top administrators which form the spine of the nation.
  • Hereon, whatever the kind of questions – factual, convergent, divergent, mixed type, very laborious, etc. – can be dealt with across the spectrum of knowledge and skills. Reason – you know that these questions try to stimulate and enquire into your imaginative, creative, and realistic thought process and your ability to investigate and map cause and effect relationships.
  • At VIMARSHA, this is just another day. You live, eat, sleep, and practice all to an extent where UPSC-CSE becomes just another exam. So, rather than you chasing an exam, the exam discovers you!


Builds Concepts Organically

Regular Assessment Session

Best Teaching Minds

In Mission Mode

Classroom Approach

Individual Mentorship

Focussed Workbook Approach

Quality Infrastructure


Learn from India’s Best Teachers



Why Choose A Program At VIMARSHA IAS?

Ensures comprehensive coverage of syllabus and quality study through conceptual understanding. Ensures smart & efficient learning through easy language & easy to understand.

A consistent one to one mentorship to clear the preparation related queries. Special Weekend Doubt Clearing Sessions to address all the study related doubts.

We give you information wrapped in perfect gist to cater to the functional need, in alignment with current UPSC requirements

Application classes through Prelims Conquer Program,Mains-200 Program, Simplified Essay Writing Sessions.

Timely tests after the completion of specific workbooks,surprise tests ,mini tests.Aggressive mentorship via Rigorous Answer Writing Sessions.

Students Feedbacks

Showing Positive Change in Aspirants