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Public Administration Optional

Public Administration

Simply put, public administration is the process of carrying out governmental directives. Planning, organising, directing, coordinating, and supervising government actions are specifically included.

Things to Keep In Mind While Choosing Public Administration As Optional

  • When choosing an optional subject, it is crucial that you have a keen interest in it or the desire to learn more about it. You should pursue it if you want to learn more about public administration and want to do so in-depth. You can achieve even the highest grades in Optional topic out of all of your Mains papers if you are interested in the subject. Additionally, before selecting an elective course, you should review the curriculum and previous year’s test questions. If public administration piques your interest, you can pursue it.
  • Candidates can pick public administration as an Optional without having a bachelor’s degree in the subject. With the right approach and direction, the subject may be readily studied and mastered, which is crucial for individuals from various backgrounds. Therefore, your academic background will not prevent you from mastering this subject. The GS syllabus for the civil services test also overlaps with several of the courses.
  • Choosing the best optional for you often depends on the availability of study materials. There are plenty of study resources available for a subject like public administration. Even if you are an authority on the subject, there might still be a lot of uncertainty. This occurs because the subject must be studied from a UPSC perspective, and a knowledgeable Vimarsha Academy tutor will be able to assist you in making the proper book selections. Additionally, receiving the right instruction will help you comprehend and learn the pertinent material for the UPSC optional paper. You will receive advice from Vimarsha IAS Academy experts on how to approach studying for this optional paper.
  • If you decide to take any other optional subject, you will also need to read a lot of material relating to public administration, especially in GS Papers IV and II. It is safer to choose this subject if you have less time. You’ll have less work to do and have more time. Even if you decide against selecting it as an elective topic, you will still need to read it for other GS papers on the Mains exam. Therefore, choosing Public Administration as a minor will only help you in your study for the two papers. The output will therefore be greater while the input will essentially be the same.

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Introduction to Public Administration Class by Vivek Raj

Public Administration (Scope and Nature) Class by Vivek Raj

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Public Administration Optional

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