Mains Conquer Program (MCP)

Content Analysis, Strategy & Customised Approach

The answers to questions asked in UPSC-CSE Mains is what you propose, and their analysis is what UPSC derives to accept or dispose of your candidature as a future bureaucrat. Reason – there is no better way to get into the minds of UPSC-CSE aspirants to figure out if them required mental construct is that of an administrator or not. The skill of writing comes differently to different aspirants. There are as many shades to writing as there are aspirants appearing for UPSC Mains. And to discover one that fits you, cannot be achieved in classrooms of big IAS coaching institutes with hundreds of students. Besides you need someone to look at it objectively without any bias of content or delivery in the classroom program. Writing an introduction, usage of words, vocabulary, sentence construction, and its relevance, transition, reasoning with context, mind maps, charts, as well as, the ability to comprehend and conclude unveils all the dimensions of an aspirant’s mental framework. All this when subject to the test of time and pressure is what you get to master under the Mains Conquer Program(MCP) of Vimarsha IAS. Once practiced to an extent of muscle learning, very little is left for luck or chance. So while you prepare for the Mains answer writing, you train your subconscious alongside. With rigorous answer writing practice, the transition from the subconscious to conscious helps you bring to the surface the strengths and weaknesses of your writing that makes or breaks your chance with UPSC. MCP also helps you to effectively navigate the vast syllabus of UPSC. It’s about keeping your orientation right at all times, and in doing so if you are able to sync in with your writing requirements, UPSC is done and dusted, in one go. At Vimarsha IAS, it all starts from day one of your preparation. You develop an eye as well as an ear for detail. You constantly look for that one word that can give you a great opening or the whisper that gives all together new thought. Our MCP program gives you that required mental focus, where you are reborn as a writer and continue developing your skillsets much beyond UPSC-CSE Mains.

Art & Culture Through Analysis Of Important Questions (Part1)

Modern History through analysis of important questions(Part 1)

Indian Society through analysis of important questions(part 1)

Geography through analysis of important questions

POLITY through analysis of important questions (Local-Self Government)

Social justice and governance through analysis of important questions

Agriculture, Food Processing & Energy Through Analysis Of Important Questions (Part1)

Environment Through Analysis Of Important Questions (Coal Mining And Utilization)

Internal Security Test through analysis of important questions (AFSPA)

Mains Conquer Program

Mains Conquer Program (MCP)

MCP Classes₹20,000 /- including GST

V+ Mains Test Series

Type 1 : 26 Half Length Thematic Tests+12 Full Length tests₹15,000 /- including GST
Type 2: 25 Full Length Tests₹15,000 /- including GST

V++ Mains Test Series (V++  Mains Test Series + 8 Essay Tests)

 V++ Mains test series₹20,000 /- including GST

MCP+ ( MCP + V+ Mains Test Series)

 V++ Mains test series₹32,000 /- including GST

MCP++ (MCP + V++ Mains Test Series)

MCP ++₹ 36,000/- including GST

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